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Objective: The current study evaluated the overall public health impact of the ‘Shaping Up My Choices’ (SMC) programme, a 10-week school-based nutrition education curriculum developed for third-grade students, using the RE-AIM (Reach, Efficacy, Adoption, Implementation, Maintenance) framework. Design: Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the programme and secondary analysis of archival data to describe dissemination. Data were collected from programme records, teacher surveys and student pre-, post- and 3-month follow-up surveys. Setting: Public elementary schools in California. Subjects: An evaluation sample (938 students and nineteen teachers) and a dissemination sample (195 245 students and 7359 teachers). Results: In the evaluation sample, differences between the control and intervention groups were observed for nutrition knowledge, self-efficacy, outcome expectancies, and intakes of vegetables, fruit (girls only), soda, and low-nutrient high-energy foods from pre- to post-survey. Group differences in change in knowledge, outcome expectancies and vegetable intake were sustained through the 3-month follow-up (efficacy). One hundred per cent of intervention teachers in the evaluation sample implemented all of the lessons (implementation). The dissemination sample represented 42 % of third-grade students (reach) and 39 % of third-grade classrooms in public elementary schools in California during 2010–2011 (adoption). Thirty-seven per cent of third-grade teachers in the dissemination sample reordered SMC materials during the subsequent school year (2011–2012; maintenance). Conclusions: The SMC programme demonstrates the potential for moderate to high public health impact. [Copyright © The Authors 2012. This is a Published Version of an article published by Cambridge University Press/Nutrition Society in Public Health Nutrition on December 06, 2012. DOI: doi:10.1017/S1368980012005186]


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