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Boomtowns have historically been a vernacular urban typology found in resource-extracting territories across the globe. The Permian Basin in West Texas is a territory with numerous petrochemical clusters extracting, refining, and transporting fossil fuels as part of a dense extraction and distribution network. This work aims to (1) locate boomtown territories, and (2) identify the urban elements of boomtowns to classify this typology based on site-specific studies in the era of anthropogenic climate change. Methodologically, a series of geospatial analysis tools are applied to study the morphology of four West Texas cities. The identified elements of boomtowns serve as a typological guide to locate boomtowns within the perforated landscapes of petrochemical production. Correlations are drawn between the natural, cultural, and built environment in these cities to inform architectural and urban design researchers on adaptive strategies in the age of climate crisis.

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