Meghna Sharda

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Like many other fields, there is a gender gap within the discipline of International Relations (IR). In this gap, female scholars are not as recognized as male scholars for their work and are pushed to pursue specific areas of study compared to male scholars. This thesis argues that the marginalization of women in the IR discipline has consequences for the types of research questions that dominate the field. To demonstrate this, this study analyzes journal articles in seven of the most prominent disciplinary journals (International Studies Quarterly, International Organization, European Journal of International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, Journal of Conflict Resolution, International Security, and Millennium) for 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2020. For each article, the data collected includes topic of study, academic levels of authors, the number and gender of authors, the theoretical approach, and methodology. The findings show a prominent gender gap across these areas. I conclude with some suggestions to help close the gap.

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