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FinTech are the firms that use new technology to deliver financial services. They have heavily impacted the change in the banking industry, mostly on the consumer side with innovation, social impact, and technological advancements. Commercial Banks have been declining in numbers for the past 35 years. This paper analyses the change in the customer side of commercial banking with the advancements of Fintech companies. This paper uses a systematic literature review approach to evaluate Fintech and commercial banks’ strategies. It creates concluding remarks on the change in customer’s behavior towards the adoption of Fintech using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The findings from TAM suggest that Fintech companies and customers’ behavior towards acceptance of new technology will continue to advance. The banking industry can survive and not get completely replaced by Fintech because of the different set of regulations but can take away many banking services and jobs in the long run.

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Richard Berard



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