Kehari M. Guice

Document Type

Honors Thesis


Health disparities among Black childbearing women illustrate physical and mental health concerns. The current study compared prenatal depression (PND) rates and birth complications between Black adult and adolescent women and all age Black and White women. This was a comparative study using a secondary analysis of data previously collected from two separate Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved primary studies assessing the mental health of a diverse group of childbearing women. Findings indicated that among Black women, there was no significant difference by age for PND, t=.530 (84), p=.59. Significant findings, however, revealed a difference in reported PND between Black and White women of all ages combined, t =-2.350 (115.33), p=.020. Lacking differences by age may be due to an older mean sample of adolescents indicating a need for additional research inclusive of younger teens. Black and White differences in PND suggest attention to health care disparities, causes, and solutions through additional research and practice attention.

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