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Honors Thesis


This thesis analyzes the preservation of Old City Hall in Dallas, Texas, as its functionality has evolved over time. It evaluates its significance as a monument to Dallas's early municipal government and civic pride, and as a prime example of early 1900s public buildings in America. The paper uses case studies of other historic preservation projects, including the 1976 Old Supreme Court and Old Senate Chamber in Washington D.C., the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Collin County Courthouse in McKinney, Texas. The thesis compares the preservation processes of Old City Hall with these landmarks and provides an analysis of best practices for preserving historical buildings. The paper also explores the discipline of historic preservation, examining methods and techniques for preserving historical landmarks. It demonstrates the impact of preserving historical landmarks on a city's architectural heritage, cultural spirit, and environmental sustainability. The conclusions provide insights into the significance of preserving historical landmarks and their impact on a city's cultural and environmental heritage, contributing to the understanding of historic preservation as a discipline and its role in preserving a city's heritage for future generations.

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Douglas Klahr



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