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The Living Stream product promotes education of the wildlife instreams of the national parks by making the sites accessible and providing the opportunity to experience nature through augmented reality. The US ARMY CORPS of Engineers stated the need for making national parks accessible to individuals unable to participate in the great outdoors. There are several individuals who often face difficulties accessing outdoor parks due to different reasons. The stream projection is expected to include several elements that resemble real water streams on earth. A projector would display a simulation of a pond with some animations of native fish and splashing water when interacted with to create a more realistic experience. This would be achieved with the help of Intel RealSense motion sensor and its AR package on UNITY. With the help of the motion sensor, we would be able to track the user’s movements and provide appropriate feedback like splashing water and fish movement. The park rangers around the USA could also upload their own custom fish models that are native to their park’s lakes and ponds. This would help the park visitors gain a more realistic experience of what they could have if they were to go out in the wild and visit these ponds and lakes in person. The fish models would be uploaded to a cloud database, which would enable all the national parks to use these 3D fish models if they have species of fish that are common to other national parks.

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