Nibitika Khadka

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Honors Thesis


Health is affected by a multitude of factors; however, most people do not realize how significant of an impact environmental health can have on the human body. Environmental health is made up of several components, one of the most notable being transportation. In Arlington, Texas, there is a lack of public transportation. Instead, residents rely on ride-share services such as Via, Uber, or Lyft (City of Arlington, 2022). This can cause air pollution rates to skyrocket, as most residents need to rely on their own form of transportation or on someone else’s car – whether its someone they know or a rideshare application (Environmental Protection Agency, 2021). This research aims to understand the question: “How does the lack of public transportation affect college students who live on campus?” This research utilized mixed methods that were divided in two parts: interviews/focus groups and surveys. Qualitative interviews were conducted one-on-one and focus groups were conducted of no more than 10 participants. Quantitative surveys were posted around campus. Results showed that students who use walking as a primary mode of transportation had higher self-perceived health than those who used a personal vehicle. In addition, students who participate in higher physical activity, both recreationally and during working hours, have higher self perceived health than those who do not.

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