Madison Mitchel

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Honors Thesis


Maternal mortality is a pressing global public health problem that disproportionately affects Black women and birthing people. In part one of this mixed- methods study, Black maternal health stakeholders (ages 18+) in North Texas were recruited to complete a 25-item survey to understand their perspectives on community- based approaches to health equity. Survey participants (N=16) reported inadequate financial, human, and social resources for addressing Black maternal health (75%) and that they rarely see local efforts focused on policy, systems, and structural changes (70%). In part two, a systematic document review was performed to identify and analyze national maternal health policies and programs among five high-income countries with the highest maternal mortality rates. Document review findings indicate that the U.S. has policies that are equally or more equitable than other high-income countries, despite higher maternal mortality rates. The study findings have important implications for reducing maternal mortality among Black women in the U.S.

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