The Planesperium Brahevm  [The Planisphere of Brahe] is a chart created by Andres Cellarius in his atlas Harmonia Macrocosmica, published in 1660. It shows the theory of Tycho Brahe, who believed in a combination of the Ptolemaic geocentric theory and the Copernican heliocentric theory with the Earth being the center of the solar system, orbited by the Sun and the moon. However, the rest of the planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) orbit the Sun. The diagram shows the solar system at two different points of the year that are six months apart. The sun's position indicates the winter solstice entering the sign of Capricorn, while Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are positioned when the Sun would enter the sign of Cancer at the summer solstice. The background of the chart shows Tycho Brahe himself in the lower right-hand corner with various astronomical tools and surrounded by students and one person taking astronomical measurements. In the bottom left-hand corner is another scholar surrounded by students, explaining astronomical principles with the assistance of more tools.

Planespherium Brahevm