The Hypothesis Ptolemaica Sive Communis Planetarum Motus per Eccentricos et Epicyclos Demonstrans [Ptolemaic Hypothesis Demonstrating the Planetary Motions In Eccentric and Epicylical Orbits] depicts the Ptolemaic system of organizing the universe. Published by Andreas Cellarius in 1660 as part of his Harmonia Macrocosmica, the chart shows Ptolemy's scientific contributions rather than showing every singular planet. Various 'spheres' are depicted, which contain different portions of the universe. In the center is the Earth, along with the eccentric, an imaginary point which all planets orbit around. The planetary sphere is circular, showing the belief from the time that orbits were true circles. The outer spheres display Zodiacs and the stars, which were considered stationary. In the lower right portion of the image there is a simplified view of the main topic presented, simply showing the orbit which the planets of the solar system follow, and a similar depiction is shown for the orbit of the Sun in the bottom left.

Hypthosesis Ptolemaica Sive Communis Planetarum Motus Per Eccentricos et Epicyclos Demonstrans