About the Project

The Spring 2024 HIST 4351 Medieval Technology and Scientific Thought class worked with the UTA Libraries to create this digital exhibit. This activity was part of a Hands-On History pedagogy to move instruction outside of the classroom by embedding archival research into the classroom. In addition, this project represented the opportunity to teach 21st Century history skills, to highlight career paths for history majors, and to explore creation of artifacts of research beyond the typical term research paper.


UTA Faculty and Staff

History Department

Dr. Kimberly Breuer, Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of History

Joseph Carpenter, Communications Assistant

UTA Libraries

Evan Spencer, Public Services Archivist

Whitney Russell, Digital Projects Librarian

Ben Huseman, Cartographic Archivist

Student Researchers


Abigail Benavidez, Clare Palmer, Connor Gorham, Jennifer Teel, Kyle Wagner, Rayna Brooks, Ricky Balsa, Ty Blackburn

Eclipses and Comets

Aaron Mata, Alejandro Barajas, Christian Escobar, Tue Tran

Scientific Knowledge

Alexander Garcia, David Riddlesperger, Han Byeol Jang, Noah Sutton, Quinn Pearson, Tucker Derrick

Umbrella group

Alex Patron, Katelyn Baumann, Nicholas Archly, Paul-Michael Carlile, Shelby Quinn, Travis Talkington