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Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Science


Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Qinhong Hu


Wireline tools and log analysis methods were not designed for unconventional reservoirs. As a result, hydrocarbon assessment for shale source rock plays have significant uncertainties. This study focuses on petrophysical interpretation uncertainty from a single historic Barnett Shale well TP Sims #2 of Wise County, TX. The Barnett Shale is one of the major source rock plays in the United States. The large body of research and information from the well-drilled Barnett Shale provides a good opportunity to understand and adjust OGIP modeling approaches from volumetric analysis to well performance data. Several factors unique to shale source rocks such as TOC and pyrite have been incorporated into wireline log interpretation using core-derived correlations. Key petrophysical parameters that are estimated from well logs calibrated to core data include: mineral volumes, porosity, net pay, and water saturation. Volumetric OGIP calculations using a range of results from core-calibrated well log analysis for TP Sims #2 compared with EUR data indicate extremely large recovery factors. These results indicate that volumetric OGIP remains deficient for resource assessment of shale plays.


Earth Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington