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Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Science


Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Merlynd K Nestell


The study, identification, and classification of Silurian foraminifers from the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma have attracted little attention since the work of Moreman and Ireland in late 1930's. These authors described 48 new species and several new genera, some of which are synonyms in recent taxonomy. Besides foraminifers, diverse shelly faunas have been described from Silurian strata in the Arbuckle Mountain region, especially brachiopods, trilobites, and conodonts, as well as corals, bryozoans, and rare graptolites. Rich assemblages of foraminifers occur in the Fitzhugh Member of the Clarita Formation of the Hunton Group, in association with abundant and diverse conodont faunas. Based on these conodont faunas, the Clarita Formation has been shown to range in age from the late Telychian (latest Llandovery) through the Wenlock into the early Gorstian (earliest Ludlow). A cryptic, but significant unconformity that coincides with the early Homerian Mulde Event separates the Sheinwoodian sequence of the lower part of the Fitzhugh Member from the overlying Homerian to early Gorstian sequence of the upper part of the Fitzhugh Member. Foraminifers have been studied from residues processed for conodonts allowing the conodont species to be used as a key reference to the age of foraminiferal assemblages. Approximately 38 species of 12 genera of well preserved and relatively abundant agglutinated foraminifers have been identified in samples from five stratigraphic sections located in the Arbuckle Mountains area. The genera identified include Lagenammina, Thurammina, Colonammina, Shidelerella, Sorosphaera, Psammosphaera, Glomospira, Ammodiscus, and Hyperammina. A modern study of Silurian foraminifers recovered from conodont producing strata in the Arbuckle Mountains area provides an updated taxonomy and platform for correlation to Silurian strata in the United States and other countries.


Earth Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Degree granted by The University of Texas at Arlington