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Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Kevin A Schug


Bioanalysis has gained importance in the scientific at an exponential rate. The focus of these works attempt to seek new approaches towards faster and more efficient bioanalysis that require little to no sample preparation. One approach is the use of new restricted access media trap technologies to facilitate an online sample preparation platform. A demonstration of the advantages of RAM involves the trace level detection of bisphenol A, an environmental contaminant. A bulk derivatization strategy used in combination with RAM trap technologies is adopted to boost sensitivity without the use of traditional sample preparation methods. Another strategy is the use of ambient ionization techniques, which inherently require little to no sample preparation prior to analysis. Novel affinity mesh screen materials are used to facilitate rapid drug discovery. The combination of these novel affinity materials with TM-DESI allows for the eventual creation of a truly high throughput screening process for new antibiotic drug compounds. A new ambient ionization technique, continuous flow - extractive desorption electrospray ionization is introduced in the presented work. Multiple demonstrations of the advantages of CF-EDESI are presented. Charge state manipulation of protein charge states are performed using CF-EDESI. The CF-EDESI technique is also coupled to high pressure liquid chromatography for a powerful analytical method with great versatility.


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


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