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The God House, Temple Beth Sholom, Arlington, Texas. The God House appears to grow out of its site and rise against the big sky toward the heavens. Man is expressed as being between heaven and earth. An earth berm forms the rising of the building from the ground. A small linear flower garden space is created between the berm and the south wall of the building to help celebrate the beauty of the earth and the porch-like entry way. The roof twists and turns up toward a northern wide clerestoryview of the big sky, adjacent to the focus of the plan of the building. Spaces for teaching and other needs are defined by moveable storage walls and occur on two levels at the rear of the building. They also can be used for additional seating for the religious services. The hot Texas summer sun is tamed by an overhang at the south and by pushing and pulling the west wall to make the openings face a more controllable south. Texas limestone walls with fossilized sea shells rise out of the earth to meet a pewter color terne metal roof and vertical surface. The rhythm of equal spacing of the vertical lines of the metal standing-seam meets the rhythm of unequal spacing of horizontal stone joints.



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