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The Resort House, Eagleridge Ski Resort Housing, Steamboat, Colorado. The ski resort housing creates a sculptural unity of landscape and building with the structure of nature as inspiration. Sloping roofs model the mountains, parallel south-facing forms capture the sun, landscaped courtyards with solid north-facing berms answer the wind, continuously sheltered pedestrian paths on one side of the street at a level above the road help to separate people from cars and the snow, bay windows reaching for the sun and balconies extending from sloping roofs model the icicles, and pedestrian paths that flow upward toward the ski lifts model the branching of the trees. Lyrical, more natural forms at the edges of the street respond to contours to make a liaison with the rational south facing forms. This helps to dissolve the distinction between architecture and landscape. Building shapes gather green space and spaces-in-between to thrust toward the skiing. A balance between communal skiing and solitude is achieved by raising the floor level of the individual units by three feet, by placing south-facing living spaces on the upper floor, and by positioning a facing landscaped berm to the neighboring unit. A terne metal standing-seam roof extends over bay windows and balconies to meet the horizontal wood boards below.



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