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The Ringenberg House climbs the rolling hills and reaches for views of Mt. Diablo. Half levels rise together with continuous flowing interior and exterior stairs. As the house climbs the hill from the entrance and the dining areas, focused toward views of the largest space in the house - an outdoor deck that flows out from the living areas, focused toward views of the mountain. It continues up the hill with a master sleeping area, and ends at the tip with a space for the owner's treasured loom. These rising levels cover the bathrooms and storage spaces that are tucked underneath. A terne metal standing-seam roof that is to be painted blue, meets white painted stucco walls, and the stucco lowers to meet green-tiled concrete that rises out of the ground. The green tiled concrete will appear to rise out of the lush California green surfaces of early spring, but when the summer sun burns away the green natural surfaces and the land turns a beautiful golden brown, the green-tile will remain as a reminder of next spring to come. When the sky is so blue during the autumn, the roof will join the sky, but during the rainy winter and foggy summer, the blue will remain as a reminder of blue sky to come.



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